Milbro 357 4 inch Revolver 12g co2 Air Pistol .177 pellet 8 shot mag
[Milbro 357 4]
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Milbro 357 4" Revolver 12g co2 Air Pistol .177 pellet 8 shot mag

Milbro 357 Revolver, a full metal 1/1 scale revolver that fires a .177 pellet from a 8 shot magazine that will provide semi auto shots as fast as you can pull the trigger,

With adjustable rear sight and front fixed sight , the 357 pistol has a manual safety catch and all weather grip .

.177 pellet firing

8 shot magazine

This new revolver from Milbro is a direct replica of the 4" barrel version of the infamous Colt .357 Python and fires .177 calibre pellets from the included cylindrical magazine.

It has a heavyweight full metal build except for the plastic grips.

Powered by a 12g CO2 cartridge.

Single or double action mechanism.

This revolver is available in 3 barrel lengths.

The safety catch is situated under the hammer and renders the trigger and hammer in-operable.